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When using Italy’s motorways, you may run into problems with payment. There can be several reasons for problems with payment or for the impossibility of paying the toll: a problem with the card, a lack of funds, an error in the toll machine or the loss of the ticket taken at the entrance. This can happen to anyone. It is important that you keep the printout confirming that you have not paid the toll and pay within 15 days. This will help you avoid a fine.

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What should be done in this case?

The easiest way is to make a payment. Details of when and how to do this are given later.

In the case of non-payment of toll, either in full or in part, a printout confirming non-payment will be issued in the service and automatic lanes. Each printout (statement of non-payment of toll) includes vehicle data (class and number plate), details of the journey (date, time, exit toll station and, if available, entry toll station) and the amount due.

Sample proof of non-payment documents are available below:

or a reminder received by post:

If you do not have the above certificate of non-payment, you must complete the form available at the link. Then sign and send to the fax number or postal address given on the form.

How much time to pay?

The toll can be paid for without additional costs within 15 days of the date of travel. After this period, administrative costs will be added to the amount due. See the section below on penalties for non-payment.

How to make a payment?

The most convenient option is to pay by card online, available 24 hours after the trip at the link:
After entering the page from the link, click „Online Payment”, then confirm that you have read the terms and conditions and click „Proceed”. We will be redirected to another page where we can make the payment after entering the data from the received confirmation of non-payment.

The page looks like this:

Payment can also be made at subsequent gates or at the customer service office of the individual motorway section concessionaire. It is so troublesome that we have to find the right place. This problem is eliminated with online payment.

Penalty for non-payment?

The penalty for non-payment of toll ranges from EUR 87 to 357 and depends on the type of vehicle.


Information on unpaid tolls is available from the Customer Service:


Information on unpaid tolls is available on the website:

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